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Advanced Open Water Course

The PADI Advanced course is the popular first step in continuing your dive education. It is designed to expand your diving skills and knowledge and to give the inexperienced diver added confidence in their diving.

The PADI Advanced course is normall conducted in conjunction with a 3 day 2 night dive trip (but if rushed it can be done over a 2 day 1 night trip or even over 2 day trips, with Deep Sea Divers Den). You'll have the opportunity to participate in up to 11 dives, 9 day and 2 night, over the duration of the trip.

5 of these dives will be training dives required to complete your PADI Advanced Certification and the remaining 6 will be recreational dives for you to enjoy the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

There are no formal classroom sessions involved with this course, but you are required to read through the PADI "Adventures in Diving" manual and answer the relevant knowledge reviews prior to participating in the training dives.

We recommend that you try and read through the course manual prior to the trip departure.

If you haven't dived for a while a Scuba Tune up or check out dive (to refresh your knowledge and skills) may be required. No extra cost involve unless you request a separate session prior to the trip.


Deep Sea Divers Den

2 day 1 night from $710

3 day 2 night from $885


Pro Dive

3 day 2 night $900


Kangaroo Explorer

2 day 1 night from $695

3 day 2 night from $835



additional costs - 2 passport photos, and Reef tax $20 per day (Kangaroo Explorer prices include Reef taxes). Vaild 31st March 2018.


Pro Dive cabins are double or tiwn share with private bathroom.
Divers Den prices shown for quad or twin share cabins with shared bathroom. Extra fortwin or double cabins with private bathroom.

Courses run every day except Tuesdays for Pro Dive.

Your 5 Advanced course training dives are made up of 2 core dives being 'Deep diving', 'Underwater Navigation' and then 3 elective subject dives where you have a choice between a number of dives (see below).

Prerequisite for this course is a PADI Open water certificate or the equivalent certification with another training agency.


Deep Sea Divers Den course dives

4 pre selected dives:

Advanced Navigation Dive

Advanced Night Dive

Advanced Deep Dive (30m/100ft)

Advanced Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive


Elective Dives: choose one for the following list

Advanced Boat Dive

Advanced Search and Recovery Dive

Advanced Underwater Naturalist Dive

Advanced Multilevel Dive

Advanced Photography Dive

Advanced AWARE Fish Identification Dive


Pro Dive course dives

3 pre selected dives:

Advanced Navigation Dive

Advanced Night Dive

Advanced Deep Dive (30m/100ft)


Elective Dives: choose two for the following list

Advanced Search and Recovery Dive

Advanced Underwater Naturalist Dive

Advanced Photography Dive


Others may be available upon request.



Typical Itinerary

Day 1

pick up from your accommodation (times vary) and check in.

Depart to the Reef.

Dives 1 & 2: Two pleasure dives to give you an introduction to diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

This is also a great opportunity for you to acclimatize to the diving conditions, fine tune your skills or even to refresh your skills if it has been some time since your last dive.

Dive 3 - Navigation Dive: After revising your knowledge review, your instructor will brief you on your navigation dive where you will complete some exercises using both compass and natural references to help improve your underwater navigation skills.

Dive 4 - Night Dive: Here you will be introduced to night diving on the Great Barrier Reef. You will complete a simple navigation exercise before being given a guided tour with your instructor. During your night dive you can expect to find sleeping turtles, parrot fish and a variety of other marine life only encountered at night.

Days 2 & 3
Dive 1 - Deep Dive: During this dive we will give you the experience to safely conduct dives beyond your 18 metre depth limit as an open water diver. Under the close supervision of your dive instructor you will be taken down to 30 metres, where you will be tested for signs of nitrogen narcosis, shown the effects of increased pressure and colour absorption at depth.

With your main core dives now completed, you have five (5) day dives remaining to complete the last 2 dives of your Advanced training dives, all designed to introduce you to other interesting areas of diving which you may wish to learn more about.
5.00pm return to your accommodation.

7.30pm after dive party hosted by your diving Instructor. It's FUN..Don't Miss it!



Cancellation Policy

Cancellations outside 48 hours will receive full refund of costs but a banking fee of $20 will apply.

Cancellation between 24-48 hours will forfeit deposit.

Cancellation within 24 hours may forfeit full trip costs.

Aquapro Dive Services, PO Box 4842, Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia