Which trip for me?

A lot of people coming to the Reef for the first time are not sure how experienced they need to be, so hopefully the information below will help.

Diver Experience

If you have never dived before see our article of what options you have here. We recommend a dive course or Introductory Diving on any of the day trips.

Introductory divers: you will need to be accompanied by a diver professional at all times and cannot dive deeper than 12m.

Beginner divers: Generally, just certified with less than 20 dives and little experience other than similar conditions in which they learnt to dive. Limited to 18m depth.

We would recommend any of the day trips out of Cairns and Port Douglas and the overnight live aboard trips that go to the Outer Reef. Consider taking your Advanced course to expand your experience.

Intermediate divers: Generally, have between 20 – 50 dives and have dived deeper than 18m. May hold Advanced certification and have experience in different diving conditions.

We recommend Tusa and Silverswift out of Cairns and Aqua Quest out of Port Douglas as day trips and for overnight trips Outer Reef or Ribbon Reef trips would be suitable.

Experienced Divers: Generally, have over 50 logged dives, experience in deep and night diving and have dived regularly for over 2 years. They would be comfortable diving with a buddy and unguided and have experience in different diving conditions.

We recommend the same day trips as above but for overnight trips look at those visiting the Ribbon Reef and Coral Sea areas e.g. Spirit of Freedom and Mike Ball.

Note that Outer Reef trip prices include equipment hire and there is no difference in price if you have your own. The Ribbon Reef trips have equipment hire as an extra cost.

We discount all prices so make sure you contact us to get the best deals.

Snorkeler experience

If you have never been snorkelling before please also check with your local doctor to ensure that you have no medical conditions that may prevent you from snorkelling (a sample of the SCUBA diving medical form can be found here and is similar to the snorkel form you will be asked to complete once on board.

Inexperienced: Most day trips offer guides or snorkel tours at extra cost. For those with families and want a guide look at Reef Magic or Reef Day Tripper. Shallower water and with Reef Magic there is a dedicated snorkel area and a pontoon with life guards on watch.

Experienced: If you are confident in the water then look at Tusa, Reef Quest, Aqua Quest and Silver Swift who go to deeper, more varied sites and have guides as extra.

All trips provide snorkel equipment in the price, as well as flotation devices.

For those wanting an overnight trip choose those boats visiting the Outer Reef areas. Ribbon Reef trips like Spirit of Freedom and Mike Ball are not suitable for snorkelers.