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Learn to Dive (Open Water) Course

An Open Water course usually runs over 4-5 days. It can be done in 3 but we do not advise it, as it is very rushed and you really want to enjoy the course at your own pace.
Once qualified you will have a license for life, that will enable you to dive with other certified divers down to a depth of no more than 18m during the day. If you want to learn about night diving, deeper diving or other sorts of environments, you need to continue on to the Advanced Course. More Info >>
The first 2 days are generally your classroom and confined water sessions where you learn the basic theory, and and all the skills necessary to dive safely.
You then have 4 open water qualifying dives run over 2 days. If you are on a tight budget, or don't have the time, you can do a 4 day course which offers 2 day trips for the open water dives (2 dives per day).
If you have little more time and would also like to have some fun dives with your classmates or friends, then we strongly suggest doing a live aboard dive course which is normally 5 days, but can be as long as you like. Some even stay on board to complete their Advanced Course.
In a 5 day open water course, after your 2 land days, you will transfer out to a live aboard dive boat and dive your first 2 training dives. This leaves the rest of the day to snorkel, sunbake, or just relax on the boat.
Day 4 will be your 2 remaining dives, so by lunchtime you are qualified!
In the afternoon you will be able to go off for a fun dive with your classmates, and in the evening partake in a night dive with your instructor.
The last day usually allows for 3 fun dives before returning back to Cairns. So a 5 day live aboard dive course usually gives you 9 dives!
To take an Open Water Dive Course here in Queensland you need to be at least 12 years old, be able to swim 200m, and tread water for 10 mins
You will also need to fill out a Medical Questionnaire prior to starting your course. The purpose of this is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in entry-level recreational diving certificate training. A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify you from diving. A positive response means that there is a pre-existing condition that may affect your safety while diving
and you must seek the advice of a medical practitioner, preferably with experience in diving medicine, prior to engaging in dive activities.
If you do need to get a dive medical done, or would like one anyway, it does need to be to Australian Standards and generally the school (or we can) organizes this for you as part of the course. This costs around $65. If you suffer from asthma, are on any medication, or have any other medical conditions that concern you then please check with us, or the school, first to avoid disappointment.
Please note that you should wait 24 hours before flying after diving, so please make sure you leave enough time in your schedule.
Budget 4 day course
5 day Live aboard course (3 day 2 night overnight trip)


Short on time? You may like to take your classroom and confined water (pool) sessions before you come to Australia. This means once completed you are able to complete just your 4 training dives as either 2 day trips or on a overnight boat.
If you do need to get a dive medical done locally to Australian Standards ($65) then we can help arrange this. Just bring your referral papers with you and don't waste precious days of your trip! Contact us for prices.
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