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Reef Daytripper


Reef Daytripper offers a small fun filled personalised trip taking a maximum of 20 people out to the Great Barrier Reef. Reef Daytripper is a beautifully kept catamaran that was built in 1998. It measures 12 m x 7.5m and is very spacious inside and out. We are surveyed to take a maximum of 27 people but cap it at lower numbers so that our guests dont feel cramped.

When it is windy or raining we lower our numbers even more to approximately 16 so that our guests can sit comfortably inside

Certified divers, introductory divers, and snorkellers are all catered for on Reef Daytripper. We have 2 sails the main and the jib and our gorgeous bow nets are so comfortable and smooth.
We refitted in March this year so we are looking all shiny and new again, we have also just replaced another engine so that’s both engines replaced recently.

Our destination is Upolu Reef which is a very beautiful location which lies at the very edge of the Outer Barrier Reef (a protected World Heritage site) and is teeming with a large variety of interesting marine life and a beautiful array of corals. This offers our guests a perfect snorkelling or diving experience in warm clear protected waters.

A snorkel guide is available at the first site which offers guests a fun, information and interactive introduction to their day's exploration. We also offer extra help and instruction for beginners, because of our low numbers this allows us to spend more time with guests that are either not confident swimmers or have never snorkelled before. We can give them snorkel tuition, give them a swimming noodle for extra security and send them with the snorkel guide.

We will visit two sites (weather permitting), allowing plenty of time to snorkel, scuba dive or just simply relax in the nets on the boat.

Our great strength is our personalised service due to the small numbers. Being owner operated means we take a daily active interest in the safety and wellbeing of our customers and our trusted crew are considered a part of our family delivering enthusiastic, friendly hospitality to our guests. One of our instructors is both German and English speaking

Friendly relaxed atmosphere. Maximum of 20 passengers.
You choose freely between snorkelling, diving, or just relaxing on our bownets. We also offer introductory diving. Perhaps you also like to look out for dolphins, turtles or even whales (seasonal).
You will visit Upolu Reef which lies at the very edge of the outer Great Barrier Reef, now a protected world heritage site.
With just under four hours at the reef we will visit two sites, allowing plenty of time to snorkel dive or just relax in the shade.



Check in on-board Reef Daytripper on D Finger from 07:40. The boat is located in Marlin Marina 1 Spence St Cairns. Daily departure at 08:00



$10 transfer in the Cairns area. $18 northern Beaches.

Morning/Afternoon tea and coffee

Delicious tropical buffet lunch

Complementary wine & cheese, tropical fruit platter on our return journey

Guided snorkel & dive tours from beginner to advanced

A fun and informative reef introduction & education

An enchanting catamaran with plenty of room and shade

All scuba dives include a guide


All persons travelling aboard Reef Daytripper to the Great Barrier Reef marine park are subjected to a $15.00 *levy. This charge is distributed accordingly : $3.50 EMC (Environmental Management Charge, $11.50 Port Authority, Administration, passenger levy and fuel charges)



1/4/16 - 31/3/17
Snorkelling Adult $124
Snorkelling Child (4-14 inclusive) $85
Snorkelling Family Rate $365
prices below are additional to trip price
Certified Diver 1st Dive $65
Certified Diver 2nd Dive* $55
Introductory SCUBA - 1st dive $70
Introductory SCUBA - 2nd dive* $60
Charter Rate (up to 20 people) $2,480

* Subject to availbility

Above Prices Include: Dive and snorkel equipment, wet suit morning and afternoon teas and a tropical smorgasbord lunch.


A deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance paid on the day of departure.

Please check availability with us prior to booking

Aquapro Dive Services, PO Box 4842, Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia